Help with Learning Problems

Last night I briefly shared with a new client one of my Powerpoint presentations about head injuries from birth trauma, blows to the head, and whiplash.  I also showed her a couple of case studies and results from a Learning Study done last year by my friend and Fort Collins teaching assistant Marina Poling and soon-to-graduate QEI student Kathy Dickson.  After this peek into Quantum Energetics Institute materials, she expressed in learning QEST in the future.  Read on and you'll get a taste of what piqued her interest:

Marina & Kathy's Learning Study:  Two of the children, the oldest in the study at age 12 and 13, had REMARKABLE changes in their abilities to read and do math, for example.  Before, one could barely read and had to rely on being read to and audio recordings to do his schoolwork.  After, he not only could read better but was asking for another book!

Another had trouble with spelling and with math.  After QEST sessions:  "I'm an awesome speller"!  In math before QEST, he had trouble with the beginning of a problem "floating away" so that by the time he got to the end, he couldn't remember what the problem was.  After...he was moved to a more advanced math class.

These wonderful changes will affect the entire course of their lives!  We want to do more such studies.  This work (QEST) is so needed across the country...and we need more QEST Practitioners.  Our next class will begin February 3-5, 2012.  See "About the Institute" at


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