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He Stood 5'10" and Weighed 109 Pounds

At 5'10" and 109 pounds, Mohammed's bones provided an anatomy lesson, showing every prominence and protuberance. He was sick. His bladder was so full of cancer that in January 1995, doctors in Cairo, Egypt wanted to remove it. "No!" he pronounced, "I'm going to get well and I need my bladder!" He was only 53. Doctors gave him no hope for survival. But to keep him from dying right away, the medical staff punched cathers directly in to each kidney from his back to allow passage of urine. Tight tape anchored each tube and his family received strict instructions to never remove the tape. "Add more tape, but don't take any off, lest infection enter".

He must have been a sight as he flew from his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to New York City, and on to Denver. He had flowing garments and carried a catheter bag in each hand. His large family said "You're crazy, stay home!". Yet he--who had never been out of his country--flew to…

Devil in the Details

I just spent another day working on my powerpoint presentation for our upcoming QEST annual conference.

You may not care that the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor muscle attaches to the Posterior Atlanto-Occipital Ligament which attaches to the dura mater which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. But you might if you knew that an injury to it could contribute to problems ranging from fibromyalgia to vertigo...and more.

So how could an injury to the RCPm from a whiplash contribute to vertigo? Well, the RCPm attaches indirectly via the PAO to the dura mater...and the dura mater thins out as the epineurym surrounding the cranial and spinal nerves (dural cuff)...and the 9th Cranial Nerve (vestibular-cochlear) has to do with hearing and balance...that's how. That's the connection. From a medical perspective, this connection might not be very important. However, from an energetic viewpoint, this connection simply is very important.

There are other factors as well that have been addr…