PS: Can you please write me about why it's not good to drink carbonated drinks-natural or not?

1) Carbonic acid and Sulfuric Acid draw alkalinizing minerals from your bones to balance the acid from the soda. Leads to osteoporosis.

2) Soda acidifies the body. An acidic environment makes a good host for bacteria, viruses, fungi, inflammation (root of most diseases), and cancer. I remember so vividly seeing these effects in the live blood cell testing (dark field microscophy) that my sister Marian did. It’s not just theory¸ because you can clearly see the changes in the blood.

3) Soda upsets the calcium, magnesium, phosphorus levels in your bones. Leads to osteoporosis.

4) Carbonic acid lowers blood oxygen (by 25% for 3 hrs.) We need oxygen for optimal functioning. Remember that laboratory studies show that cancer grows nicely in an oxygen-deprived environment.

5) Caffeine and sugar massively leach minerals from the bones and also cause dehydration. See the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water. The author (Dr. Batmanjahli ) makes the case for dehydration being the basis for many illnesses and much pain. Gee, I’m going to go drink some water.

6) Sugar (1 tsp.) diminishes the effectiveness of your white blood cells by about 60% for over 5 hrs. after ingestion. Imagine what happens with several teaspoons…or sugar throughout the day. Watch out at Christmas time…don’t get set up for colds and flus. (I’ve read that the incidence of sickness in children goes up dramatically after Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? Na.)

Does anyone have anything to add…feedback?


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