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QE and a Card Table Analogy

His arms were waving in the air, his face was red, and his voice was filled with agitation. "My wife has had your work done for all this time and still has problems. That's not a very sterling endorsement for your work.” His wife had asked me to explain Quantum Energetics*, and I waited for him to finish. Then I proceeded like this:

“You're right. If QE were the only thing involved in a person’s health, you'd be right. However, there's more to health than what can be addressed by QE alone."

I continued: "Our bodies are like card tables! We could have three legs fastened solidly. Then let's say that one leg was a little loose. If we put a heavy stack of books on that corner of the table, the whole table could go crashing down!

Now for the sake of analogy, let's say that one leg of the table represents nutrition. Ingestibles. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals we need— and may not get. Perhaps the ones we do get are "faulty".…

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Coming Soon! Website Update

Soon my 2002 website will be updated: Titles of testimonials will be listed on the side and there will be a search for different conditions written about. Check soon to see other tweeks!

Devil in the Details

I just spent another day working on my powerpoint presentation for our QEST annual conference and I thought I'd share some thoughts. 

You may not care that the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor muscle attaches to the Posterior Atlanto-Occipital Ligament which attaches to the dura mater which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. But you might if you knew that an injury to it could contribute to problems ranging from fibromyalgia to vertigo...and more.

So how could an injury to the RCPm from a whiplash contribute to vertigo? Well, the RCPm attaches indirectly via the PAO to the dura mater...and the dura mater thins out as the epineurym surrounding the cranial and spinal nerves (dural cuff)...and the 9th Cranial Nerve (vestibular-cochlear) has to do with hearing and balance...that's how. That's the connection. From a medical perspective, this connection might not be very important. However, from an energetic viewpoint, this connection simply is very important.

There are other …