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What's Special About Quantum Energetics (Structured Therapy)?

?????? As you’ve surely noticed, we are living in a time of a plethora of alternative healing modalities. Some methods work better for certain individuals; others modalities work better for others. We simply know of no healing method that is as powerful as Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, which has such a broad scope of effectiveness. We cannot say there is none more powerful, but we can say that we have never personally encountered such.

Other methods sound similar, but as you will learn and experience, QEST is unique for these reasons:

• The extremely powerful cranial work "opens" the body to receive more energy for healing/maintenance, without which the following procedures in "the work" would be impotent.

• There is "programming" after each procedure, without which the procedures would not be lasting.

• Generally we work with different things at each visit with one thing built upon the other.

• The language of codes takes the guesswork out of QE…

Why Learn Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy?

Increasingly, we are seeing children with great health problems. You may find some of your most rewarding work done with little ones who can experience positive differences for the rest of their lives because of what they have experienced with QEST.

Not just for children, but for adults:  Greater immune response, improved energy, enhanced mental clarity and emotional stability, and prevention of problems—these are results which you can never promise or guarantee, but can reasonably expect.

Since 1977, we have seen hundreds of people's lives changed to varying degrees. In some cases, the changes were not as immediate or as great as we would have preferred. In many, many clients, the improvements exceeded even our most hopeful expectations. There are many dramatic health changes which we will recount to you as we work together. Other people’s changes haven’t been so dramatic, but all changes are welcome and valuable for improving quality of life.

People Need a QEST Boost!

The problem in our current time is that as people reach the age where they have the wisdom and maturity to really make a contribution in life, to do what they came here to do, their bodies crash! They experience such sickness, pain, or dis-ease that their daily lives are consumed with: "How will I ever make it through today?" In many cases, their physical vehicle totally breaks down and runs no more down the road of life. Prematurely ends? Who can say?

Others are able to plug away. They keep on, but for example, the “Put up with” chronic back pain, head pain, fuzzy thinking, arthritic hands, or fatigue, which constantly hinders them. They don’t feel like operating at optimal levels no matter how great their need is to do so. Everything becomes more an effort than it should be. Some things just don’t get done—whether “necessary” things in their life, loving time spent with family or volunteer work to help others. “I would do it if only….” With QEST, the “if only….” can be tr…

Why Isn't Healing Happening? Part II

QEST for you!

Another explanation for why bodies don’t self-heal as completely as they really can has to do with the law of inertia.When a process gets stopped, it can require a force to start the momentum.

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST)  is a valuable option for overcoming the inertia and reminding the body to heal. As has been frequently stated, we don’t “do” the healing but only supply the stimuli.We are somewhat like traffic directors at a broken stoplight, signaling to the traffic “Please go here, please go here, etc.”The actual healing occurs in a somewhat mysterious process between the person’s body and divine source.With QEST, we are merely little (but often significant) catalysts for the process.

Why Isn't Healing Happening? Part I

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? ~~Vincent Van Gogh

My understanding is that Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy has been given to help people at this time in history. Perhaps it was not always needed; we can only guess about that. It certainly does seem that our bodies are now much more inundated with the stresses of electromagnetic energy, environmental toxins—herbicides, pesticides, petroleum products— than our grandparents ever faced. Our physical bodies seem challenged to take care of basic repair and maintenance.

In working with clients, experience reveals that even old fractures from decades ago might not have totally healed (we can still find them). These fractures, even if undetectable on any kind of x-ray or other test, can still be affecting organs and attached muscles. While all the cells of our body are replaced from every few days to several years (depending on the body part), some conditions can remain present year after year. Why wouldn’t…

Fulfillment for You as a QEST Practitioner

"The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it."  ~-William James

You can also expect joys beyond description as you begin working with clients, some of whom will experience life-changing results. You will be in awe, knowing that you have been an instrument in that healing. You will be humbled, knowing that you did not "do" the healing, but that what you will have learned will have assisted that person in getting back "on track" toward wholeness.

You will be amazed at the healing powers of the human body to right itself, given the proper nudge. Why your help should even be necessary is somewhat of a puzzle. Surely, bodies should be able to self-heal without QEST! Yet day after day, year in, year out, people who need help present themselves to QEST practitioners.

It would seem that if people are highly spiritual, closely aligned with their Source, that they should not need QEST. Perhaps some don't. However, we've never…

New Practitioners Needed for Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy

For over three decades, QEST has shown its power to improve immunity, increase energy and vitality, work uniquely with head injuries, relieve pain by stimulating the healing of structural problems (including soft tissue injuries), reverse metabolic disorders, enhance emotional stability and mental clarity, and more. In order for more people to receive the unique benefits of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, outstanding new practitioners are needed.

Individuals from many varied backgrounds have been “called” by their inner guidance to learn this effective systematic approach to health. QEST has drawn practitioners from the fields of chiropractic, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, massage therapy and specialized kinesiology—as well as those from many different careers outside the health field.

As a new student, you may be already in health care and want to expand the services you provide. You may long for more effective results from your work. If s…

Advantages of Learning to Do Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are living in a time of changing paradigms with respect to medicine and how we take care of our health.Americans lead the world in money spent per capita for medical care and in the rate of chronic degenerative diseases.With the tremendous increase in interest in complementary medicine and natural therapies, and with the emergence of more and more maladies non-responsive to a magic pill, the timing couldn’t be better for learning this leading-edge system of healing - Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.
Now that we find ourselves in a time of economic turmoil and uncertainty, it seems more important than ever for more people to learn to do Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and be in a position to really help their families, friends, and clients.
A nice thing about our work is that in order to do it, we’re not dependent on electri…