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QEST is Powerful; Not a Panacea

I thought I'd share this testimonial because it demonstrates that (1) QEST (QE) is powerful (2) bodies have layers of injuries / problems need to be addressed and (3) progress is not always in a steady line upward.

It would be nice if we had the ability to just put our hands on a person, say "Heal", and have that person's problems completely gone. But I can't do that and I've yet to meet anyone who can. Instead, we Quantum Energetics practitioners do the really effective initial first step, which is a gentle cranial sequence to remove stress to the cranial sutures, enable the body to receive more energy, and establish better messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Then we begin systematically working with layers of problems which contribute to a person's symptoms or ill health. Reference for some results:

Yes, the good news is that QEST really does work! A. is a figure skating instructor. Here&#…

What Is Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy(tm)?

Quantum Energetics (short name) is a highly organized system of energy medicine. A new client put it this way: “QE aligns the energy of the body, using muscle resistance to find out what to do. I don’t know how it works, but it works!”

It triggers the body’s innate healing ability, like jump-starting a car. We believe that the foundational steps of QEST allow more energy to enter and flow through the body for healing and sustenance. As we continue checking and working in sequence, we see blocks removed and a “recharging” that allows the return of health. QEST focuses on working with causes of problems, rather than masking symptoms. These causes are often at a subclinical level.

Many appreciate QEST’s gentle wholistic approach. Impressive results have been experienced with improved athletic performance, healing of closed head injuries, colic in babies, failure to thrive (babies), ADHD, learning and focus difficulties, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash and other structural injuries (knee, …

What Does It Take to be a QE / QEST Practitioner?

The most important requirement is a strong desire. A number of massage therapists and other body workers have found that they can address causative factors of chronic and acute problems with Quantum Energetics(tm). Also, some chiropractors, nurses, and a doctor of medical dentistry have learned QE. It might seem obvious that those already in the field of health would be interested in a next step of learning QE (also called Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy).

However, others have been drawn to this cutting edge energy medicine from these backgrounds: accountants, aestheticians, airline flight attendants, business ownership, catering, Chinese medicine, computer science, construction, dentistry, dental hygiene, domestic engineering, education, engineering, equine training, flight attendants, hair styling, herbology, hydrology, law, Light Work, martial arts, massage instruction, martial arts, massage therapy, ministry, mortgage loan officers, natural gas industry, nursing, occupationa…

Onward! New Quantum Energetics Class in CO

I'm still on a high of excitement from our newest class at Quantum Energetics Institute. What a weekend! The timing seemed to be right for eight enthusiastic new students. Two from Wyoming. One from North Dakota. Two from Granby, CO, who are our first from the mountains--except for Marilyn in our 2nd year class who has to travel over all of those mountain passes to get to class in Fort Collins. We have one from Thornton, one from Fort Collins, and one from LaPorte, which is almost like being from Fort Collins, as well. With suberb help from QE Master Practitioners Marina Poling and Tasha Morris, we had good supervision.
The students developed a graceful presentation of their work and seem excited about the tools they have to take home and share their QE "health-help" with family, friends, and clients.