What's Special About Quantum Energetics (Structured Therapy)?

As you’ve surely noticed, we are living in a time of a plethora of alternative healing modalities. Some methods work better for certain individuals; others modalities work better for others. We simply know of no healing method that is as powerful as Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, which has such a broad scope of effectiveness. We cannot say there is none more powerful, but we can say that we have never personally encountered such.

Other methods sound similar, but as you will learn and experience, QEST is unique for these reasons:

• The extremely powerful cranial work "opens" the body to receive more energy for healing/maintenance, without which the following procedures in "the work" would be impotent.

• There is "programming" after each procedure, without which the procedures would not be lasting.

• Generally we work with different things at each visit with one thing built upon the other.

• The language of codes takes the guesswork out of QEST and enables us to do what the body "wants" or needs.

Sometimes people encounter different modality which uses muscle testing and think that that work is the same as QEST. While numerous methods use muscle testing as a tool, that doesn’t mean that other practitioners are doing the same syatem as QEST—any more than we’d say that everyone who uses a screwdriver does the same work.


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