New QEI Class starting January 25-27, 2019

From My QEI Class Flier:


QEST is a highly organized and effective system of energy medicine that has improved the lives of hundreds of people…and some animals, too.  We believe that QEST, a hands-on wholistic modality, triggers the body’s innate healing ability, like jump-starting a car.  The body is created to heal and yet often remains stuck in patterns of pain and sub-par working.  We find that QEST’s foundational steps allow more energy to enter and flow through the body for self-healing, sustenance, and prevention.  Specific customized procedures are done for clients at each session.  Then as we work in sequence, discovering what the body needs, we see blocks removed and a “recharging” that allows the return and maintenance of health.  QEST focuses on working with causes of problems, rather than just masking symptoms.

Many appreciate this gentle approach.  Great results have been experienced with closed head injuries, colic and failure to thrive in babies, learning and focus difficulties, various structural problems including those from whiplash and sports injuries, fatigue, circulatory issues, and more.  We often see accelerated healing of bones and soft tissue, enhanced immunity and emotional well-being, mental clarity, immune response, and energy - although no promises or claims are ever made.  At the website, click on What Clients Say.

One said “QEST aligns the energy of the body, using muscle resistance to find out what to do.  I don’t know how it works, but it works!”  An RN who is a QEI graduate termed it “a science-based approach to energy medicine” - as it is based on knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology.  We address specific muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, glands, blood vessels by holding exact points….rather than generalized touching.  Procedures are quite lasting and subsequent visits are built upon one another.

QEI classes are small with instruction and careful supervision by Master QEST Practitioner Judith Heath, Founder & Director of Quantum Energetics Institute (QEI).  When possible, supportive QEI graduates and second year students add richness to your learning experience while deepening their own expertise in QEST.  Students experience 100 hours of internship (separate from classes) throughout the program.



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