Equilibrium & Energy

Here's something that "made" my day:  I worked with a new client 5 days ago who had serious problems with equilibrium.  She was falling often.   She'd been a very active person with tremendously good balance but over a year ago had her life abruptly changed by falling.  Every time she stood up, she had to plant her feet in a wide stance and pause for a bit before moving.  She was unable to get off her couch without assistance and was constantly afraid of going down.  A horse trainer...she was now unable to even get on a horse.  She was depressed and discouraged "I can't live like this". 

Her first fall had been a face-plant in the parking lot right after going on a fairly vigorous water slide in June 2010.  Re: prior head injuries, she'd had a blow at age 5 and a car accident when she was 10.  She "took a bite out of the dashboard" requiring her "teeth to be wired back in".  Migraine headaches started at  age 19-20 which were helped significantly with chiropractic treatments.  She presented with intermittent pain in her right ear and constant pain on the left, along with some trouble hearing.  She complained of sinus pain under her left eye. 

My theory was that the water ride had simply tweeked (new medical terminology!) her neck, affecting the dura mater (around the brain and spinal cord), which could then have affected cranial nerves, including the glossopharyngeal or acoustic nerve, which could affect equilibrium.  This last "tweek" had been like the straw that broke the camel's back. 

The cranial work we do at every first QEST visit can profoundly help neurologically.  I followed this fouondational sequence of steps with addressing circulatory problems in her right carotid artery and vertebral artery (which could affect the posterior brain, including the cerebellar area affecting movement and balance).  I worked with the area under her left eye and more.

After one QEST visit, friends asked her "What's happened?" She looked that much better.  Today she told me:  "Depression was poofed off of me.  My over-all temperament has been awesome.  I have less mind fog and have more energy.  There's no more of feeling like I'm going to fall and I've had no tripping.  Now I don't have to hold onto a banister to go down stairs and I can get off the couch without thinking about it.  I can carry heavy things without falling.  I almost saddled up my horse but decided I should wait!" 

She feels like the "giver" inside her is back and asked about learning to be a QEST Practitioner.  She was happy to hear that we'll have a new QEI class starting here February 3-5, 2012.  She's already started a list of people she'd like to help.  I'm so blessed to get to do this work.  Can you see why I'm elated? 


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